See below for challenges from the Cambridgeshire Learn Together website

Things with String is a play-based activity designed for the Early Years, created by Learning Through Landscapes. There are 10 challenges for you to try, all using a 1m length of string.

Micro Journey is another exciting and imaginative activity from Learning Through Landscapes, suitable for children of all ages.

First Signs of Spring is a challenge from the Woodland Trust. When out in the garden children can look to see if they can spot the signs that spring is on it’s way. There is also a Spring Spotter sheet for children to use.

Phoneme I Spy challenges children to find objects in their indoor and outdoor environment that start with each sound.

Rain Gauge is an activity where you can create your own measuring instrument for collecting and recording rainfall at home.

Minibeast Hunt is another exciting identification sheet from the Woodland Trust. Go outside and go on a minibeast hunt. Look under stones, under leaves, on top of leaves and behind pots. Talk about the minbeast story books that you know. Which is your favourite and why? Try making up your own story about a minibeast that you find.

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