This Week’s Planning

Week beginning 17th May 

Phonics – We are recapping;  ar,or, ur, ow,oi, ure, aire, air, er remembering how to say the phonemes, sign the phonemes, repeating the mnemonic and writing the phonemes in different words. 

Maths – We will be looking at adding two amounts together using lots of different maths resources and our fingers. We will also be using first, then, now stories to help us with addition. For example First there are 2 people on the bus. Then 2 more get on. Now there are 4

This week we are continuing our science theme and thinking about how we can make an egg travel the furthest distance without it cracking! We will be exploring the children’s initial ideas using balls and seeing if their ideas can be adapted and changed to suit a delicate egg. I wonder how many eggs will survive the journey!

Week beginning 10th May  

Phonics – we are learning to read and write the short ‘oo’ digraph (book) and we are recapping ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa by playing bug club games, writing them down and reading stories with these graphemes in. 

Maths – We are continuing to look closely at numbers 11-20 by counting, finding amounts, watching numberblocks, writing the numerals and ordering Numicon. 

This week we are encouraging the children to think scientifically. We are going to explore some pictures that have been zoomed in, looking at changes that are happening around us, help the children to ask questions about things they may not know about and explore various materials with our senses.


Week beginning 19th April

Phonics – We are learning to read these new phonemes: oi (coin), air (chair), ear (near), ure (pure).

Maths – We are looking at finding one more and one less as well a number of the week 11. 

Dinosaurs – We are looking closely at dinosaur and what they look like which leads nicely into our new ‘must do’ job to make a dinosaur out of a material of the children’s choice. We are encouraging the children to tell us about their dinosaur and let us know what it feels like, how it moves, what it might sound like and what it eats. There may also be some large eggs appearing in the classrooms that might need looking after!

Week beginning 12th April

Phonics – We are learning to read and write these new digraphs: or (cord), er (herb), ur (burn), ow (cow). 

Maths – We are practicing counting and comparing numbers. 

Dinosaurs is our new topic. We will start the topic by looking at non-fiction books to find out about dinosaurs and discussing what the children already know. We plan to find out which dinosaur has the longest name and which has the shortest. We will also introduce the children to their first ‘must do’ job where they will make their own page to go inside a whole class dinosaur book.

Week Beginning 22nd March 

Phonics – We are recapping all the tricky words we have covered so far. 

Tricky words: no, go, to, the, I, me, be, he, she, we, was, you, all then, are, her, my 

Maths – We are continuing our work on patterns that we started last week when we looked at ABA patterns. We will be exploring building patterns with cubes and Cuisenaire observing how they are repeating and linking any number knowledge. (for example; 1 more, 1 less, 1 more, 1 less)                                                                                                                                                                           

We will also be teaching the children various number games with dice 

Some questions we will be asking when playing the games..

What is one more than..?

What is one less than..?

To get to the … what do you need to roll?

What number do you need to roll to finish the game?

Under the sea – We are continuing our theme of ‘under the sea’ and linking this to some pirate books, looking at maps, using money to pay for snack, writing messages in bottles, creating our own pirate stories and I’ m sure much much more with the children’s fantastic imaginations and ideas!


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