Day-by-day Maths Activities which link to what we are learning. 

White Rose Maths – home learning videos and activities

Week beginning 1.2.21 Growing 6,7,8 Week 2

Week beginning 25.1.21 Growing 6,7,8 Week 1

Week beginning 18.1.21-Alive in 5 week 3

Maths activities

  • Practice forming the numerals  these and these can help.
  • Practice counting forwards and backwards to 20 – This can be done through playing hide and seek, singing number songs, chanting, board games etc.
  • Say 1 more or less than a number.  “1 more than __ is __.   1 less/fewer than __ is __.”
  • Use the maths eyes website to look at photos and talk about the maths you can see (numbers of things, shapes, colours, patterns, sizes etc.)
  • Use opportunities like cooking and mealtimes to discuss qualities, weighing, doubling, halving and sharing.

Maths activities on screen:

  • Watch Numberblocks clips at: BBC, CBeebies or on youtube. Use this guide here to give you ideas on what to do with your children whilst watching an episode.
  • If it suits you child, work on RMeasimaths – your child has an individual login to access this.

Maths websites

10 grid



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